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Ups & Downs of FHA Home Mortgage Loan

Posted on July 9, 2014 by Cindy Marlowe in Blog

Last week we talked in general about home mortgage loans and touched on the Federal Housing Administration or FHA loan option. To help you choose the style of loan to best suit your home purchase, we’re glad to have you join us as we explore FHA loan benefits and the downside of this loan option. First, […]

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Your Real Estate Home Mortgage Loan

Posted on July 2, 2014 by Cindy Marlowe in Blog

Go ahead and dream. This is your year. Your year to dream about what once seemed impossible and watch it happen when you understand how to pursue, and secure, the home loan that will allow you to purchase real estate. The entire design of home loans is to encourage home ownership and there are loan […]

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Posted on June 25, 2014 by Cindy Marlowe in Blog

 Realtor Cindy Marlowe learning to fly fish! Have you ever fished in a controlled pond? The fish are tremendous and usually quite delicious, but there is nothing more frustrating than landing the perfect catch – and having to throw it back for someone else to enjoy because you have caught your limit. I would imagine […]

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Your Local Real Estate Agent provides LOCAL Happenings!

Posted on June 18, 2014 by Cindy Marlowe in Blog

Adams County local SUMMER goings on! Get into the full swing of Summer and plan your fun times.  I don’t want you to miss a thing, so here are lists and links to what’s going on in Adams County for your enjoyment and entertainment this summer season. July 4th- Celebrate with family, friends and neighbors!  […]

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Avoiding a Vacation “Oh No!”

Posted on June 11, 2014 by Cindy Marlowe in Blog

Summer Recess Vacation planning No one wants to think about it until it happens to them.  And it can happen anywhere, at any time.  One of our favorite times of the year is Summer Vacation time!  Unfortunately it is the favorite time of year for nefarious behavior as well.  Nothing ruins the afterglow of a […]

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Tiny fixes – BIG RETURNS in Real Estate!

Posted on June 4, 2014 by Cindy Marlowe in Blog

The mantra of Listing agents is to sell your property for the highest price in the shortest amount of time.  At Redhead Properties we believe getting the best terms in your contract negotiations completes the triangle of a great real estate sales transaction. There are a few things that every Seller can do ahead of […]

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Oh That Home Inspection part of Real Estate Transactions!

Posted on May 28, 2014 by Cindy Marlowe in Blog

Once a Buyer says “this is it!” excitement builds for everyone involved in the real estate transaction being initiated.  Years of assisting excited buyers close on their dream home have taught me not to get too caught up in the initial “YES!”  It’s really like being a hurdle jumper on the track team.  You’ve cleared […]

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How to price your property to SELL, sell QUICKLY and sell at a PROFIT

Posted on May 21, 2014 by Cindy Marlowe in Blog

With every agent offering Comparative Market Analysis’ and almost all of the Real Estate search portals offering fast and easy quotes of your homes worth  it would be completely understandable to think pricing property is simple. It is; and it isn’t. Allow me to explain in further, logical detail. A friend of mine in the […]

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Serving Adams County City of Thornton

Posted on May 13, 2014 by Cindy Marlowe in Blog

NAME  THE  NEW  CITY  OF  THORNTON  SCULPTURE  CONTEST!   Service to the community where I live and work has always struck me as an excellent way to give back  as well as being an opportunity to really understand the needs of my community. I believe this makes me more effective as your Realtor.  Being involved […]

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Posted on May 7, 2014 by Cindy Marlowe in Blog

Have you thought about selling your home? The news and views being expressed about real estate may have left you feeling rather skeptical as to whether selling now is a good decision or should you continue to wait?. Some articles appear to be aimed at convincing you that the market is terrible and this is […]

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